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RPN калькулятор на Arduino Nano

RPN калькулятор на Arduino Nano:

There’s something about Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) and the calculators that use it. It calls to mind a time when a calculator was a serious tool, and not just a throwaway toy. Created in the legacy of such calculators by HP and Texas Instruments, [Simon Boak] shows off his SB116, sporting an Arduino Nano under the hood. It’s a fully custom design, with a hand-built metal case, a custom PCB for the keyboard, and a tiny OLED display for maximum retro green goodness.


Здесь описано подробнее:

My Texas Instruments TI Programmer calculator is an excellent tool when working in 6502 assembly and other retro experiments. However going on 45 years old now the buttons are increasingly unreliable and with no good fix for the problem I took this as an opportunity to design the SB116 as a replacement that better fit my own needs.


The “16” in “SB116” name represents the 16-bit Integer data type used for the registers. This means it can only work with values in the range -32,768 to 32,767 and with no decimal point. I built this for 8-bit programming projects so there is no need for bigger numbers or decimals.

SB116 screen


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Надо реанимировать NedoCalc

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Постарался человек, неплохо получилось. Дизайн, конечно, можно улучшить, особенно хорошо это видно на фото сравнения с оригиналом. Платка с кнопочками очень подходящая для реплики МК61 Gold :)

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Да, для МК-61 Gold такого типа дизайн был бы чудесный. Алюминий, кнопки, гравировка на металле и зелёное стекло с OLED дисплеем позади

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Интереса ради попробовал в DM42 в двоичном формате - тоже можно с битами работать, и 4 регистра стека видно :)