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SwissMicro клоны HP

На известном сайте SwissMicro появилась новая модель: DM41 (эквивалент HP-41CX).

The DM-41 is a clone of the HP-41CX including a realtime clock and has extended memory.
It has a sandblasted brass housing coated with a transparent two-component laquer for protection.
It comes with a set of three different overlays:

alpha-keyboard overlay
stopwatch-keyboard overlay
texteditor-keyboard overlay

The alphanumeric LCD screen of the HP-41C revolutionized the way a calculator could be used, providing user friendliness (for its time) and expandability (keyboard-unassigned functions could be spelled out alphabetically). By using an alphanumeric display, the calculator could tell the user what was going on: it could display meaningful error messages ('ZERO DIVIDE') instead of simply a blinking zero; it could also specifically prompt the user for arguments ('ENTER RADIUS') instead of just displaying a question mark.

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Хочу МК-72Р с МК61 и Рапирой на борту :)

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Сергей, а кто ж не хочет?! :)